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Krista Gottlieb, Mediator, Arbitrator, Attorney and Counselor at Law

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“I highly recommend Krista Gottlieb as an extraordinary mediator. Her perseverance over several weeks, and willingness to learn the details of a complex contract dispute in federal court involving the cranberry industry, resulted in a fair and equitable settlement for both sides.”

Jon P. Axelrod, Esq.
DeWitt Ross & Stevens S.C. • Madison, WI

“Without hesitancy, I highly recommend Krista as a mediator in any dispute you may have. She is extremely hard working and dedicated to the process. I have personally selected her in well over fifteen cases and all but one settled. I have recommended her to legal counsel throughout Western New York and will continue to do so.”

Robert A. Doren, Esq.
Bond, Schoeneck & King, PLLC • Buffalo, NY

Krista Gottlieb is an exceptionally capable mediator and arbitrator. She listens carefully, and understands the core legal and factual issues before her. She honors her promises to the parties as to confidentiality, fairness and other elements essential to a successful ADR process. Most importantly, she works tirelessly to find creative solutions to bring matters to an appropriate resolution. For these reasons and others, Krista Gottlieb is highly respected by her peers and frequently the neutral of choice for experienced civil litigators.

Benjamin M. Zuffranieri, Jr., Litigation Practice Area Leader
Hodgson Russ, LLP. • Buffalo, NY

“Krista mediated a complex estate litigation involving sibling rivalry, business valuations and warring heirs to a successful resolution in three sessions. Krista's efforts avoided countless days of depositions, a lengthy trial and most importantly the result satisfied all of the litigants. The mediation worked because Krista was persistent, objective and present in all of the sessions and kept the process moving when it appeared that it was stalled. I would not hesitate to recommend Krista to litigants seeking to reduce the costs of litigation and to obtain a relatively quick and fair resolution of their case.”

Charles W. Beinhauer, Esq.
Pfalzgraf, Beinhauer & Menzies, LLP • Cheektowaga, NY

When parties to a mediation reach an impasse, Krista knows what questions to ask, to keep the conversation going. She reality checks both sides to a dispute with compassion and does NOT let the case become larger than the dispute. As a plaintiff's lawyer, often the emotional harm done is difficult to separate from the litigation process. Krista assists my clients and leads them to a place where certainty and letting go brings peace.

Lindy Korn, Esq.
Law Office Of Lindy Korn, PLLC • Buffalo, NY

“Krista goes the extra mile. Through her patient approach she gives the parties to a mediation the chance to fully express themselves. It is quite effective. I would recommend her to anyone facing an employment litigation problem.”

Andrew P. Fleming, Esq.
Chiacchia & Fleming, LLP • Hamburg, NY

I’m writing to thank you for the marvelous work you did with respect to our lawsuit. Ours was a complicated case that required coordination between suits brought in both New York State and Montana. Further, the matter was complicated by the number of issues to be resolved, and volume of documents that required analysis, and often application to multiple issues. Under your ongoing guidance, an organized presentation of our case was made, and was done in a cost effective manner. In this way, you achieved for us a just and equitable resolution.

Susan Solomon, Assistant to the President For Legal and Financial Affairs
VMC Group, Inc. • Niagara Falls, NY

“It is my pleasure to acknowledge and endorse your skills as a mediator. I choose you, and recommend you to clients and other counsel, when I suspect a successful mediation is going to be a heavy lift, and there is a real risk the process will blow up, because the case is driven by strong personalities with entrenched beliefs and agendas. Your dedication to and understanding of the process, and of the tools that foster its success, including your willingness to work hard and long hours to achieve a fair result, which I have been a witness to many times over the years, is remarkable. Regardless of subject matter, your tenacity and relentlessness seem to yield fruit, and I keep you at the top of my list for that reason.”

Randolph C. Oppenheimer, Esq.
Damon Morey • Buffalo, NY

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